Our team of animal care experts searched worldwide for beluga whales. We found two male whales languishing in a pool under a roller coaster in Mexico City, one of which was in very poor condition. They were in desperate need of rescue and relocation.

Our team rescued the whales from that facility, but unfortunately due to their age and compromised health they did not live long.

The search continued in Eastern Russia, when we sent a zoological expert to assess operations at Chkalov Island where the Russian government fisheries agency sets an annual catch quota of beluga whales from the Sea of Okhotsk, based on the population estimate of animals in that area for aquariums and marine parks in Asia.

As a conservation-driven organization it was our moral and ethical obligation to ensure that any acquisition from the Sea of Okhotsk would not have any detrimental impact on the overall population prior to considering acquisition of beluga whales from this region.

We then helped fund a study to assess the beluga population.