By 2050 there will be so few beluga whales in North American zoological facilities that the only way millions of children will be able to see them is in picture books or on a digital screen.

Unless additional whales are introduced to the existing breeding population, beluga whales will eventually fade to extinction in aquariums- forever extinguishing any opportunity for people to develop a real connection with this unique and incredible species

Most people will never visit the Arctic, or see a beluga whale in the ocean. Observing beluga whales in accredited aquariums is the only opportunity many people will ever get to see a live whale and learn about this magnificent species. When humans make an authentic connection with an animal it evokes feelings of care which inspires action to preserve the species and the aquatic habitats they call home. This is the goal of aquariums, and our mission to achieve.

Aquariums will no longer be able to provide these transformative experiences unless they increase the number of beluga whales in North America to maintain a genetically healthy population.

We are deeply committed to providing future generations with these important learning opportunities that inspire a culture of caring about beluga whales and the environments they share with other marine animals.

This required infusing the current North American aquarium population with unrelated, genetically diverse beluga whales from other parts of the world. This necessitated cooperative breeding efforts among accredited zoos and aquariums in North America. This commitment to our mission took us around the globe in search of beluga whales to bring to North America.